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Meet Charlotte: I’ve been designing footwear for a long time, 15 odd years or so. That’s a lot of shoes. I mean, A LOT of shoes. And among those hundreds and hundreds of pairs, there were ones that no matter how big my closet swelled, I always went back to. What was it that made these particular styles my go-to’s? A few things. First, comfort. When I’m not standing on my studio floor going through samples or doing fittings, I’m dashing around the globe sourcing and visiting manufacturers, so I have to have shoes that are comfortable, wearable and reliable. Nothin fussy. Second, modernism. A common vein in all these staples was that they were modern and simple. A pair of strappy flats that were versatile enough that I could wear them all day at a factory, but worked for aperitivo at night. Lastly, well made. You know what I mean. You can feel it. Shoes that are made with beautiful Italian materials, in small factories that pay attention to details. When I looked down at my feet I thought about those lovely people that were proud to tan the leather, cut the patterns and stitch the uppers. That’s it. Comfortable, modern, quality is the backbone that I kept coming back to. Easy.

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